miles to go

with love from d.

with love from d.

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good good bad.

DON’T TRY SO HARD. those who are impressed should be just because you’re you. 

NEVER ask for acceptance. 

focus on the good. 
your support system.
the people who are cheering for you.
those who love you for who you are.

because they’re the ones who are going to be there near the end.

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can we try

once upon a time, cow and lion fell in love. 

lion loved cow so much, he decided one day to bring home the fattest deer to share with cow. cow knew something was off but she ate the prey and later became very very sick. cow loved lion though. so every time lion brought home a bloody meal, cow would hold back nausea and share in his hunted prize.

cow loved lion so much, she decided to bring lion to a family party. cow said, “try the grass, it’s my favourite.” lion did. he hated it. but he smiled and continued chomping away.

true. the two loved each other.
but through days and days of getting sick from eating meat
and after several parties munching on tasteless grass…

both cow and lion realized that this was never going to work.

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it’s funny because sometimes, i just want a stable relationship with no drama. no fights. no craziness but then i realize…

i’m dramatic and crazy. 

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just tearing up the dance floor with our awesome robot.

just tearing up the dance floor with our awesome robot.

— 1 year ago